iglo + indi

iglo+indi is located in Iceland and was founded in 2008 by fashion designer Helga Ólafsdóttir. With strong Nordic roots iglo+indi is all about crisp colours, unique prints and playfulness. Handmade illustrations, carefully selected colours, comfortable cuts and soft organic fabrics make iglo+indi a creative and fun brand for all kids.

Helga Ólafsdóttir is the founder, head designer and manager of all design development at iglo+indi. Helga has a degree in fashion design from Copenhagen, Denmark but being a true globetrotter at heart she furthered her studies in both London and Milan. “I love designing kids wear. Every child I meet is an inspiration. I admire their honesty, purity, humor and their natural joy of life.”

Children’s comfort is the underlying principle behind every design where fashion meets comfort with a touch of whimsical playfulness thrown in.