Christmas Stars Slim Jyms

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Unisex, slim jym pyjamas in cotton interlock jersey allowing lots of wriggly bedtime movement whilst retaining shape.

Materials: GOTS certified organic jersey cotton with elastane (90/10 % mix). A stretchy knitted fabric that allows for movement and growth

Slim Jyms, as the name suggests, are slim fitting. This is to ensure your little one stays warm and allows freedom of movement with no excess baggy fabric to bunch up and hinder their natural movement. TBC suggest that if your child is in-between sizes that you go up a size and roll up the sleeves and ankles for a while so you get maximum wear. As TBC skips 5-6 and 7-8y we would recommend size 8-9y.

  • Size  Height
    1-2y 70-85 cm
    2-3y 80-95 cm
    3-4y 90-105 cm
    4-5y 100-118m
    6-7y 112-130cm
    8-9y 125-144cm
    10-11y 140-155cm
    12-13y 155-170cm


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