Hand Turned Mug & Spoon


Mug - Imre's hand-turned mugs are made of light speckled stoneware with a white layer on the outside and finished with a matte glaze.

Spoon - Each spoon is made by hand of dark stone and therefore each spoon is slightly different in colour, shape or length. The spoons are glazed on the top, the bottom is unglazed.

Buy separately or together, makes a beautiful gift.

Product Care:
Mug - Dishwasher safe. However, over the years the dishwasher will cause extra wear and tear to your pieces, as the harsh detergent, jostling and hot water will cause extra abrasion to your pieces. If you want to use a dishwasher, an environmentally safe, gentle detergent is recommended and if your dishwasher has a low heat cleaning function preferably use that one.
To retain the quality of your ceramics and ensure longevity, hand-washing with a non abrasive cloth or sponge in warm soapy water is recommended. Rinse with clean water and dry your piece of with a clean towel. Avoid leaving leftover tea or coffee to remain in your cup for a long time, as this can cause staining to the glaze. 

Spoon - After use, rinse immediately with soapy water and clean water and dry the items. Do not leave the spoons in cups or mugs with tea or coffee for a long time, this can cause stains in the glaze. This is especially important for products with matt glaze and unglazed surfaces. Preferably wash by hand, dishwasher is not recommended

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