Melo + Marl - Polar Blue Winter Pyjama

€60,00 €30,00

Melo+Marls collaboration with Polar Post resulted in a magical ‘winter scene’ print.

Available in two colourways the prints feature festive elements such as snow-covered lanterns, playful foxes and foraging woodland creatures.

The ‘winter scene’ pyjamas follow Melo+Marl’s traditional shape and the icy colours were inspired by a majestic trip to Trosmo, Norway and perfectly represent the season.

Material: 100% Linen

Sizing is designed with longevity in mind, dual sizing allows for longer wearing time!

Size 2-3 years  4-5 years 6-7 years 8-9 years
Top Length from SNP
38cm 43cm 48cm 52cm
Waist (flat half measurement) 21.5cm 22cm 25cm 28cm
Inside Leg 31cm 40cm 46cm 53cm

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